Recipe: Eggs + Greens

I’ve gone back and forth about whether one requires breakfast in the morning. My conclusive thoughts are that everyone should find what routine works best for them. So, when I workout in the morning, I don’t have breakfast- I do a “fasted” workout. And on other days, I have a protein shake or eggs + greens.

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My protein shake is pretty standard and I’ll do a post on that soon. For eggs, I like to incorporate some kind of vegetable and fat. I’m a huge fan of Vital Farms. They’re the closest in taste and texture to farm-fresh eggs. Quality of ingredients, especially when you’re not adding a lot of spices or condiments, makes all the differences in taste and satiety.

For breakfast this morning, I cooked cherry tomatoes in 1/2 tbs EVOO until soft and then added 2-4 cups of spinach (cooks down A LOT) and 1/4 cup quinoa. 

For egg preparation, I like to switch it up to keep things interesting. Usually, I cook them sunny-side up (runny yolk!) or soft-scrambled (cooked on a low temperature for a longer time).

This breakfast is a great combination of protein, fat, and fiber. Incorporating greens into every meal is super important. I find that the more greens I eat, the better my skin and digestion is. This doesn’t mean you have to eat a salad for every meal, but even putting some arugula on your pizza counts for something.

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