Recipe: Tahini Lemon Dressing with Miso

I’m a diehard balsamic dressing kind of girl. Olive oil, dijon mustard, and a high quality balsamic is pretty much the easiest dressing to make and is great in a lot of salads.

However, it is a wintery dressing. In the Spring and Summer, I love to put lemon on everything, but I don’t think dijon, lemon, and olive oil quite works out. It becomes a little too concentrated in flavor.

After getting a high-tech Breville blender, I started making soups, smoothies, and sauces/dressings in it. After some experimenting, I’ve perfected my new favorite Summer salad dressing. 

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

Lemon, Tahini, Miso Dressing (Makes 4 servings)

Ingredients: 5 squeezes lemons (I like a lot of acidity), 2 tbs tahini. 2 tbs olive oil, 2 tbs + 2 tsp miso paste, salt, pepper, and dijon mustard to taste. 

This dressing is extremely creamy. I recently made a chopped salad and doused it in this. I make a jar of it and it usually lasts me the week.


I’ve put it on more than just salads. The other week, I had extra cooked quinoa in the fridge. I finely chopped cucumbers and tomatoes and added that to the quinoa, poached an egg on top, and poured the dressing on top of that! Voila! Mediterranean(ish) breakfast or lunch.

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