Opinion: Sakara Detox II, Day 1

I’ve completed the first day and a half of two weeks of Sakara Life. I am writing this as I eat my gluten-free, dairy-free, organic artichoke and zucchini lasagna. The containers Sakara meals come in suggest heating up certain dishes. This one is great warm. I just got out of HIIT class, so I added a little extra nutritional yeast for protein and B vitamins!

When I’ve done Sakara in the past, I’ve realized how much I snack! I forget that I only have three meals a day and I have to restrain myself from having a bite of one of the other meals before it’s lunch/dinner time. To make this easier on myself (or harder?), I’ve cleaned my entire kitchen of any snacks, including nut-butters and random carbs (cereal, granola).

This is what I ate yesterday:

Breakfast: Raw Almond Cacao Tart with Manuka Honey and Cashew Cream

Processed with VSCO with a9 preset

  • This was such a treat. I rarely eat sweets and especially not for breakfast. It was sweet but not overly so. And, of course, I felt virtuous knowing that it was raw and the ingredients were wholesome.
  • That being said, I wouldn’t normally start my day with sugar and carbs. I find I am more satiated with eggs and greens or protein in the form of a smoothie. It’s nice to switch things up, but yes I was hungry shortly after eating this.

Lunch: Middle Eastern Bowl with Preserved Lemon Hummus (left in photo)

  • This salad contained millet (gluten-free), which is a form of plant-based protein. Millet has a lot of minerals, B-vitamins, and magnesium. Magnesium is important for maintaining strong bones and getting a good night sleep!
  • This salad came with an amazing honey dijon dressing and lemon hummus. Their dressings are one of the best features of their meals, but they give you a lot, so I tend to use half the amount.
  • This is similar to something I would have for lunch. I’ve started putting 1/2 cup of quinoa/millet/bulgur in my salads instead of chicken/eggs. Easy (and cheap) swap!


Dinner: Maple Sweet Potato Bowl with Spicy Chickpeas (right in photo)

  • This was comfort food in the form of a wholesome curry bowl. I don’t usually go for curry because I find them sauce-heavy. The majority of Indian food we eat in the US is a version of North Indian cuisine, called Mughlai. But there are regions in India that eat lighter fare.
  • I am not saying this was traditional in any sense, but it is a version of curry that I prefer. Lightly sauced and slightly spicy, this made up for no-snacks all day.
  • There was quinoa at the bottom of the bowl. I heated it all up in a pot for a few minutes on medium-low (adding a little bit of water, like they suggested).
  • I was slightly hungry all day until I ate this for dinner.


First Day Summary:

  • Desert for breakfast! Into it.
  • This is good training to snack less.
  • As someone who is sometimes iron-deficient, I didn’t feel sluggish without protein or dairy.
  • I am going to start experimenting with curries on my own.
  • Hummus in salad is a do!


How I am feeling:

  • Not bloated at all after first day!
    • not eating in between meals
    • smaller portions
    • no dairy
    • eating slow, conscious eating (less air swallowed while eating)
  • A little tired in the morning, but it was also Monday, so…

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