Opinion: Sakara Detox II (Final Days)

Last Friday was my final day of my first cleanse/detox ever! I’m actually very proud of myself. I not only learned a lot about my eating habits, but I also came away feeling more positive about myself and motivated to achieve my goals for the future.

Thursday was liquids day. It consisted of two Detox Greens Morning Juice, Carrot and Ginger Soup, Coconut Kefir, and Medicinal Broth. I am not including photos, because liquids don’t photograph that well. They each look like what you’d imagine.

Processed with VSCO with a8 preset

Monday through Wednesday was the most difficult period of the detox. I gave up coffee during this time too, so I felt tired. Also, I felt weak and a little out of it. I walked around in a daze. I felt both very mellow and very unengaged with the world.

Thursday, however, was an entirely different story. Liquids day turned out to be my most energetic day. I did yoga in the morning and my body felt more flexible and open than it has in awhile. I was able to do my work without getting tired quickly.

Come Friday, I was bounding with energy. I felt light and optimistic. I tend to be hard on myself about work and how I view my personal progress. I took a long walk and mindfully thought about myself in a more positive and forgiving way.

This detox is not a gimmick. I was definitely a skeptic, and I do still believe that ordinary juice cleanses are useless- it’s a bunch of a sugar and no fiber. Your body really can’t run successfully on only liquids for 3-5 days. That’s why I chose Sakara’s program. There is only one day that requires only liquids to be consumed and the greens juice, coconut kefir and soup all have some sort of pulp (fiber).


  • Digestion was amazing! Even on liquids day! The program provides you with daily probiotics, so this could be a factor. Taking them in the evening on an empty stomach ensured that I would wake up happy.
  • I had the deepest sleep of my life. I chalk it up to having medicinal broth for dinner. Going to sleep on an empty-ish stomach might become my new thing. I’m even considering having broth more often for dinners when I get home late.
  • I didn’t feel hungry, just tired. There were very few times that I actually felt like I wasn’t getting enough food. The coconut kefir was surprisingly filling. This is proof that high fat diets are the way to go if you want to feel satiated throughout the day.
  • No more coffee! I found that after I got over the headache days, I didn’t need coffee to feel energized. Also, I tried having coffee on Saturday and immediately got heartburn.
  • I am considering a 90% vegan diet. I feel lighter and stronger during my workouts. I already love all vegetables and my body has never felt good with too much dairy. I also love seafood, so I’m going to have it only on occasions/at restaurants.
  • I feel better when I’m not always full. I’m one of those people that NEVER skips meals. I’m afraid to do a workout in the morning if I didn’t eat a good dinner the night before. On this detox, I realized that my body can pretty much do anything and doesn’t need to be eating 24/7 to do so.
  • Vegetables for breakfast is the way to go. Fiber, protein, and fat are the three key ingredients to keep you full throughout the day, and plant foods contain all of those things. Many of the vegetable (protein and fiber) breakfasts were made with oil (fat) and flaxseeds (fat and protein).
  • Snacks are unnecessary, at least for me. Grazing all day or eating between meals is a distraction from work. Without having the option of snacks or supplementary food, I focused so much less on my next meal and more on my daily tasks and what I wanted to accomplish.
  • Practicing mindfulness when eating. I’ve already realized that since I’ve started eating post-detox that even though I am eating past fullness sometimes, I’m more aware of how my body feels. Now, I just need to get to the point where I actually stop eating when I’m full. Someone teach me how to do this? It helped that a week on the detox shrunk my stomach a bit, so I actually had a hard time eating lots of food right after.

Coming off the detox, I did not follow their guidelines about slowly reintegrating allergens, caffeine, and sugar. I consumed chicken, coffee, tequila, and sweets the weekend following. No, I don’t recommend this.

It was interesting to feel how my body reacted to these foods. I was bloated and inflamed. Dark circles appeared under my eyes. I didn’t sleep well and my energy levels fluctuated. Lesson learned. But it doesn’t mean I’ll never have these things in the future, but just being aware and conscious of their effects is so important.


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