Why I Quit Coffee (At Least For Now…)

Coffee isn’t bad for you. 1-2 servings of coffee a day, which is an espresso or a cup of filtered coffee, can actually be beneficial according to certain studies. 

Obviously, too much of anything is not good for you. Consuming excessive amounts of coffee can lead to disrupted sleep cycles, increased heart-rate, nausea, anxiety, diarrhea. stomach pain (or ulcers), and headaches. 

I have been drinking coffee on and off for the past 13 (give or take) years. I’m 25. I’ve been through periods of having too much, which mostly just made my bladder go into overdrive. And for two years, while I was modeling full time, I had none at all.

For the past 4-5 year, I’ve had 1 cup (MAYBE 2) a day. So a regular user, but no cause for alarm.

In order to properly “do” the Sakara Detox II program, I had to cut out caffeine. Instead of easing into this process, I quit cold-turkey (where does that saying come from, really?) when I started the program.

On day one, I not only had a headache but I could barely complete my morning workout. I was in a daze all day. I didn’t want to interact with people or felt like I didn’t have the energy to. This last for about four days, the headache and the anti-social-ness.

However during these initial days, I went to sleep early and had the deepest sleep of my life. Did I mention, I’m the lightest sleeper on the planet? Like, if someone breaths too heavily near me, I’ll wake up. I know, fun.

On day five, I finally didn’t have a headache! I woke up super energized. This could’ve been due to the detox, but what I did notice was that my energy was high in the morning and didn’t dip drastically in the evening.

When I used to drink coffee, I would be super energized and productive in the morning and then would feel tired and weak in the evening (like I wanted another coffee). I never drank coffee past 12 because I’m a light sleeper.

Coffee was not one of the things I thought I’d ever eliminate after the cleanse. When the detox ended, I woke up the next day excited to make my favorite almond milk cappuccino. About 5 minutes after consuming said cappuccino, I got severe heartburn. I felt jittery and unfocused. And I was bloated immediately.

I always drank coffee on an empty stomach and never had an issue with it. I’m actually surprised how quickly my body had an adverse reaction to coffee after not having had it for just one week.

After that one experience, I’ve since switched to matcha. I know, still caffeine. But with this form of green tea, I’ve noticed that I have sustained energy levels throughout the day. I don’t get nausea or heartburn.

I do love coffee, so I’ll consider having it for a weekend treat NOT on an empty stomach. But for now, coffee-free life is serving my mind and body well.

One comment

  • Congrats on living a coffee-freeish life! I was never a huge fan of coffee, but often got lattes and coffees on my way to the office like twice a week (just to have SOMETHING). That was a few years ago and now I have coffee maybe once a month or less!

    Matcha caffeine is so much better feeling. You don’t crash like you would after a coffee high and it definitely doesn’t upset the stomach or make you feel jittery. The only thing though is that if you have it on an empty stomach it can sometimes make you feel buzzed! Not a terrible thing though 😉


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